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Rural physician and coroner of a mid-sized Louisiana parish, Dr. Vincent N. Cefalu Sr. uncovers five books that will both enlighten and inspire readers.

In his inspiring memoir titled Achieving So Much With So Little, the author discusses many things from his family background to the difficulties he encountered while trying to achieve success. This book promises to offer hope and inspiration to those who are also striving to achieve their life’s ultimate goals. He also details the many interesting and unusual cases that he handled as coroner.

In Through A Doctor’s Eyes: Our Problematic System, he confronts the problems in the medical system. As a family practice physician, his first-hand experiences during his 30 year tenure gave him the chance to deal with patients from the rural community. He reveals some of his innermost secrets and confessions that he held for many years, regardless of how gross or gruesome they may seem. He also presents a highly-opinionated version with substantive documentation as to how and why the medical system is in dire need of revamping. He realized the loopholes that needed attention and which he highlights in this book.

In Leveling the Playing Field in spite of Myself, the author explains how, with his pronounced limited academic ability, he managed to utilize both positive and detrimental factors from his early childhood to his advantage in order to accomplish ultimate success in life. In this book, Dr. Vincent Cefalu discusses the many hardships and hurdles he encountered on his seemingly impossible educational path, along with detailing many other constant struggles—including his endless battle with bipolar illness.

The author has something to offer to readers from the most radical—his diet plan—to the most realistic and conservative. In a nutshell, he lived through what he now advocates against, since he discovered too late what obesity could do to the human body. Discover and learn more through the pages of A Doctor’s Prescription for Longevity and Survival.

In his latest book, A Child’s Health Journal, we see a simplified version for the child who must begin looking at life from the real side. Dr. Vincent N. Cefalu, Sr. was severely overweight for a very long time, and because of this, there was damage to his blood vessels and heart that will be permanent. His clear intention in writing this book is to warn the extremely young person that healthy eating is absolutely necessary, and the earlier it is started, the better the child will be able to keep the weight down later on in life and avoid its consequences. Dr. Cefalu Sr. presents what he considers to be the perfect diet for the youngster to become healthier.